It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Self Assessment and Quality Assurance Administration of the University of Khartoum. The administration was founded officially in 2006, but the preliminary steps began in 2004.
The main goal of the administration is to insure the excellence in performance and the highest degree of quality in all the processes and duties of the university, which are centered around three areas namely: Education (teaching, learning, evaluation and feedback), scientific research, and community service. Together with the administrative policies and procedures that work towards achieving these duties.
The administration is responsible for maintaining the glorious reputation of the university as the flag center of excellence in Sudan as well as one of the prestigious universities in Africa and the Middle by performing self evaluation and preparing the University for Accreditation by national regional and international organizations.
To achieve this noble and essential goal, the administration focuses on spreading the culture of quality and self evaluation among the staff of the university as well as the under and post graduate students. It offers training courses on quality and self evaluation and runs surveys to document students' opinions on teaching methods and teachers, courses taught, examinations and extra-curricular activities. It also asks teachers about curriculum, research and job satisfaction.
The visitor of the site will find details of our activities in respective sections. Welcome again and we will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions. With best regards Professor Abdelaziz Elamin