Objectives, Responsibilities and Duties:

The administration will strive to :

1- Spread the Self Evaluation and Quality culture among the university’s staff and beneficiaries outside the university.

2- Adopt principles , criteria, benchmarks for program and institutional evaluation in the different university faculties , schools, institutes, centers and administrations.

3-  Prepare program and institutional  evaluation documents for the different university  faculties, schools, institutions, centers and administrations .

4-  Train the university‘s staff on self evaluation and quality processes .

5- Coordinate and follow-up the performance of the self evaluation and quality  units at the different university faculties, schools, institutions, centers and administrations so as to make sure that they adhere to the adopted evaluation and quality principles.

6-      Provide technical and logistic support to the different self evaluation and quality units to execute their functions .

7-      Review and coordinate the different  self evaluation and Quality units reports so as to summit the final report to the university administration with suitable recommendations.

8- Establish a data base for the university activities .

9-  Adopt quality benchmarks and quality criteria suitable for evaluation  of educators and education activities .

10- Support research in self-evaluation and quality to be conducted  by the different Self Evaluation and Quality Units in the university.

11-Design and develop the human resource development training programs in the field of Self- Evaluation and Quality.

12- Highlight the different activities which are conducted by the Self Evaluation and Quality Administration and units.

13- Provide the university administration with data and information about the university performance and academic progress to enable it to take the appropriate decisions .

14-Conduct research on the interests, needs, opinions  and expectations of the beneficiaries and stakeholders of the university input and outcome.

15- Coordinate with the National Agency for Self- Evaluation and Accreditations in the Ministry of Higher  Education and other similar units in Sudan.

16- Establish links with the different local, regional and international administrations , organizations and agencies working  in the field of self – evaluation and quality assurance.

17-Publish a peer- reviewed journal on Quality in higher education on regular basis .