perform Administration

Achievements of the Administration for 2017:

1- The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Self-Evaluation and Quality of the first year 2017 was held on 3 January 2017.

2. A mini committee was formed from among the members of the Board of Directors to consider some recommendations concerning the amendment of the Statute in line with the functions and terms of reference of the Administration.

3. The mini-committee concluded with a number of recommendations concerning the consideration of the structure of the administration, the addition of ex officio members of the Governing Council, the nomination of two members from outside the University to the Board of Directors and the establishment of technical committees.

4. The Central Committee, which includes the chairpersons of the self-evaluation and quality committees, was held in colleges and institutes

And the centers and departments of the university the first meeting on: 14/2/2017 and has concluded a set of recommendations and proposals on activating the calendar activity at the university.

5. The Director participated in the meetings of the Technical Committee of the Higher Authority for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions. He also participated in several workshops organized by the Higher Authority for Evaluation and the accreditation of educational institutions in a number of institutions of higher education in Sudan.