The functions of the self-assessment and quality units and their specialties

Self-assessment and quality management

The functions of the self-assessment and quality units and their specialties

First: Tasks of the Evaluation and Quality Unit and its specialties:

Preparing the appropriate plans, mechanisms and means for spreading the culture of quality and evaluation at the university.
Preparing policies, plans and programs to build and develop human capacities in the fields of quality and evaluation.
Design and development of systems, standards, manuals and guidelines for quality assurance procedures at the University.
Follow-up activities of the committees of self-evaluation and quality in the colleges, schools, institutes, centers and departments of the university.
Preparing plans and programs for self-assessment procedures at the university, preparing for external evaluation and institutional and program accreditation.

Second: The functions of the training and professional development unit and its specialties:

Preparing plans and programs for capacity building among the university employees.
Design, implement and evaluate training and professional development programs for university staff, including training courses, workshops, seminars and conferences.
Designing, implementing and evaluating services and training programs and consultations in areas related to different sectors of society.

Third: Tasks and Functions of the Statistics and Information Unit:

Preparing plans and programs for building and developing databases and information for all the university's physical and human components.
Preparing and maintaining reports of the administrative, financial and academic performance of the University, including data on performance indicators that show the trends of performance and change in the internal environment of the University.
Contribute with the concerned parties to the strategic planning of the university in preparing and updating the strategic plans of the university.